Friday, November 12, 2010

Note to self: Get The Viking out of the house on game days.

So last night, The Viking and I headed out to a local pub to watch the first half of the Ravens Game.  Having moved from Florida where he usually spent every Sunday in a crowded fan filled sports bar in Boca Raton, I could tell he was in need of some male bantering. The type of NFL stats, trade, player and history talk that I can't provide since I just started watching the game about three years ago. Frankly, it makes my eyes glaze over.

Although somewhat crowded for a Thursday night, the bar atmosphere was dead. (Side note: I don't like the place. The food is lousy and I only go for convenience and the Magners) After a play was made, for instance, The Viking claps loudly. It echoed through the bar and was followed by stares and silence. "Ah okay," he looks around, head down, arms out as if he's giving up. "Honey, you aren't in Florida anymore," I said.

We stayed until half-time. He finished a bucket of beers (total of 6) and I enjoyed the cider. We got a tip that another local joint (with excellent food I might add) had happy-hour prices all day on Sunday - game day. Score!

We arrive home at ten and by 45 after I'm half asleep on the couch. He encourages me to go upstairs, so I do, happily. I'm comfortable in bed yet sleep escapes me. For the rest of the night I hear him talking to the television. It seems as if he's literally having a conversation with the sportscaster. He shouts, claps loudly, agrees, disagrees and basically spends the rest of the evening entertaining himself in front of the TV. I don't say a word, b/c to tell you the truth, I found it funny.

Although I did almost jump out of bed when he said he wanted to throw something, but I figured he knew better.

Next time I'm recording this for your enjoyment and closing the door or sending him out for the entire game so I can sleep!

Although he likes Bud Light, his love for the Ravens is one of the many reasons we get along so well. Although I could do a little without the sports stats, trading dilemmas and general football fiasco's.

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