Monday, November 22, 2010

What's Mine is Yours and What's Mine is Mine

So, it's been about three weeks now sine The Viking moved in and there are a few things I've learned. Here they are in no particular order:

The Living Room:
  • The Viking has the ability to shed clothes and strew them around the living room, without actually un-fastening a button or using his arms to pull off a t-shirt.
  • I didn't realize there were so many sports channels.
  • Papers and other important documents will not be moved from the spot they were opened unless I move them myself. 
The Bathroom:
  • The Viking has a knack for cleaning the bathroom floor with water while taking a shower.
  • The Viking thinks the bathroom shower walls are ideal for getting hair out of his razor. 
  • The Viking does not understand that a bathroom door is meant to be shut when doing private business. 
  • The Viking hits the mirror and counter-top perfectly with toothpaste. 
The Bedroom
  • The Viking snores more than I remember. 
  • The Viking thinks I hog the bed. 
The Kitchen
  • The mess made from The Viking is best left for me to clean-up.
  • The Viking will pretty much take any leftover and make it a meal. No matter the mash-up. 
  • My dishwasher has never seen so much action.
  • It's a guarantee I'll have to wipe the counters down when returning from work each day. 
  • The Viking has his own laundry-service - me.
  • The Viking recently had to be schooled on the days of the week and the number of underwear in the laundry basket. 
  • The Viking does not like Christmas music. 

These are just little things I've come to realize over the past few weeks. I know there are many things we'll both learn about each other as time goes on.

And let me be the first to say - I know I'm not easy to live with. I'm moody and grumpy and generally in a lousy mood most of the day. I nit-pick and have a severe obsession with cleaning. And I torture the crap out of him - tickling him in the spot he hates, holding his nose while he's just drifting off into sleepytime or putting my stinky feet in his face while he watches a movie. Juvenile? Yes, but the great thing is, he let's me be a kid when I want to be a kid. 

But it's all about compromise and working together. Wow, I sound like an adult. 

What annoying things or habits does your significant other have? 

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  1. I'm you and The Viking is Bobina...for the most part