Monday, January 3, 2011

The Viking Watches Eclipse

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I'm Team Edward and The Viking tells me he is Team John (his real name). Yes, he watches the movies with me and what you're about to read is a synopsis of Eclipse, which he watched on his own accord while I was working.

Background: I watched it yesterday while he watched football. He was so pouty that I watched it without him, (I don't know why) that he played it this morning.

Following is his commentary:

"Bella is a whore."

"How many damn stupid sit-ups does this wolf man do?"

"Bout time they're fighting. I mean Christ, they are monsters!"

He then tells me he fast-forwarded through some of the sappy parts....."It was too slow," he said.

When I asked him for a run-down he said:

"Bella is a slut puppy. I bet she would make out and fall in love with the creature from the black lagoon if he went to her high school."

So he sees the series as a way for a teen to hook up with monsters. This is the man I'm living with:

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  1. LOL! Men's reactions to anything we girls do is always hysterical. Congrats on the wonderful relationship - it sounds like you two have met your match! xoxo