Friday, April 29, 2011


Over the past couple of months living with the Vik, I've realized that some of my most favorite moments are when we're both in bed, and just watching TV. Now get your mind out of the gutter! It's actually a nice time when we both just settle in for the night and relax. But it's the time when I sometimes laugh the hardest b/c I like to torture him with my hot legs. 

Let me explain. For some reason my skin boils at night. Literally. My feet, legs, hands and arms are all hot. He, on the other hand is cold, ice cold. So, to torture him one more time before we fall asleep, I like to rub my legs and feet all over his cold skin. (okay that does sound a little dirty). He hates it, although it usually garners that dimpled smile that I love. :) He whines and pushes me away. "Get those hot pokers off of me!"

I'm imagining it feels like this for him:

I guess I really do have a sadistic side to me in which I like to torture The Viking. I'm so happy he puts up with my antics! Maybe it's just my way of paying him back for leaving his clothes, coins and shoes everywhere. 

Do you have any fun, weird ways you and your significant other torture one another? 


  1. Bobina's body tempertaure is 10 degrees hotter than mine. She's like an electric blanket, except for her feet. They're freezing.

  2. Hubs does to me, what you do to the Vik every damn night. It's actually a little worse for me because not only is he boiling but when he falls asleep with his arms around (yeah yeah i know "how sweet") his arms become HOT dead weight around my chest. It's a wonderful life! :)

  3. Lance - maybe it's a girl thing. lol

    L - it is a wonderful life! lol