Monday, January 31, 2011

TV Killed the Bedroom Fun, well not really

I'm almost 34 years old and never in my life have I had a television in my bedroom. Not even as a kid or a teenager growing up. But after living with the Viking now for almost three months, we indeed have very different taste in what is good TV and what is bad TV.

My idea of bad TV: wrestling
His idea of good TV: wrestling

My idea of good TV: Bizarre Foods
His idea of bad TV: Bizarre Foods

My idea of bad TV: Sport Highlight shows
His idea of good TV: Sport Highlight shows

So you get the picture...although there are things we both enjoy watching, like American Pickers, Scared Straight and Storage Wars, there are some things I'm just not willing to watch.

Thus, the reason for the television in the bedroom. I was adamant against it at first, believing that the bedroom is only for sleeping and sex. Watching shows in different rooms keeps us apart, and although it's good to have our own alone time, after a long day at work, I want nothing more than to sit on the couch and relax to a little TV with The Vik.

Actually though, it's not so bad. Since putting the TV in a few weeks ago (this weekend he put up the shelf for the cable unit and covered the cords) we've spent two nights laying in bed after dinner watching TV. This is the reason for my increasingly large ass, but you know what? It was nice. I spent the time to relax, with him beside me, the blackberry downstairs and the dog in between us.

I'm hoping he doesn't revert to the bedroom to watch TV at the sight of show he may not like, but I'm optimistic.

So, tell any of you have TVs in the bedroom? Has it slowed down your love life? Made things better?

Friday, January 14, 2011

I Confessed

I started this blog without telling The Viking. I figured, since he's not that techie, rarely on Twitter and loathes Facebook, that he'd never find out. But then, paths of friends started to cross and he befriended my friend Kim, who's also a blogger. (You can read her hilarity HERE.)

So being the overly panicked person I am, I began to think: I'm following Kim, Kim follows me, what if, one night at the bar, she mentions she read the blog I posted on his inability to pick up after himself? BUSTED!

I stayed awake thinking of this one night and finally figured I had to come clean and fess up. I'm not sure how it came up but I remember his face when I said, "Okay I have to confess....." Poor guy, I can only imagine what went through his head.

He took it as I thought he would. "Well, what can I do?" he said. It bothers him a bit that I tweet out and blog about our life together because as he said, he "likes to stay private." Yet, we re-connected on Facebook and when our status changed to "in a relationship" you'd think it was national news. Our pages exploded with comments and now that I'm working in social media, he knows it is something he cannot avoid.

Our life (bits and pieces) will be thrown out on the web and since he knows, now I can share this video of him thinking he's a rapper.

By the way, this blog will never really be approved by the Viking.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Viking Watches Eclipse

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I'm Team Edward and The Viking tells me he is Team John (his real name). Yes, he watches the movies with me and what you're about to read is a synopsis of Eclipse, which he watched on his own accord while I was working.

Background: I watched it yesterday while he watched football. He was so pouty that I watched it without him, (I don't know why) that he played it this morning.

Following is his commentary:

"Bella is a whore."

"How many damn stupid sit-ups does this wolf man do?"

"Bout time they're fighting. I mean Christ, they are monsters!"

He then tells me he fast-forwarded through some of the sappy parts....."It was too slow," he said.

When I asked him for a run-down he said:

"Bella is a slut puppy. I bet she would make out and fall in love with the creature from the black lagoon if he went to her high school."

So he sees the series as a way for a teen to hook up with monsters. This is the man I'm living with: