Friday, May 6, 2011

Remodeling 101 - Start with a good attitude?

We're in the remodeling phase of this relationship. I feel like I've been spending every weekend either at Lowe's, Home Depot or Sherwin Williams. Not that I mind, because, well, the house is looking better but I can't deny that the home repairs, have caused us to butt heads here and there. It doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist and it's a pretty hard to task to please me. I can admit this.

Before The Viking moved in with me (six months ago! My GOD!) I must add that I repainted (er, hired professionals to repaint) my entire lower level. I chucked all the old furniture and knick-knacks and replaced the tired carpet with hard wood. It's much nicer now (beautiful in fact) and I figured his tastes weren't going to mesh well with the Asian-inspired theme I once called home.

So we essentially started with a clean slate. We picked curtains out together, runners and rugs for the living room. Reds and yellows changed to cool blues and browns.

And last weekend he repainted the "basement"/laundry area. The once eggshell walls are now green and brown. He also installed shelves above the washer and dryer and a new light fixture on the ceiling. It finally looks like a useful utility room and not some place that I store junk and happen to clean my clothes in.

Here are some pics of how it looks now:
Here's the walls going up the steps:

And here's a pic of the new cabinets and laundry area: (please excuse my laundry)

We also installed a clothes line out back to dry shirts - the copious amounts of shirts The Vik likes to wear once and then wash. In his defense, he does sweat a lot.

I have to say, after living alone for so long and being single, it's nice to have the help in making the home improvements and not having to rely on Dad. I think it's also a test to how well we work together, or what it is we have to work on when working together.

Sometimes I think it might be best to leave him to do the home improvements alone and I'll just stick to what I know:

I know that we are going to run into tiffs here and there because well, the home improvements aren't done. So, couples I ask of you....what are your roles in home improvements? What are the do's and don'ts of working together around the house?