Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Note to Self: Remember the Allergy to Soy

I inadvertently tried to kill The Viking last night. You see, he's allergic to soy, peanuts and pretty much anything in the nut family.

While I'm usually good about not eating peanut butter and then kissing him, I forgot to tell the Fuji Steakhouse to leave the soy off the sushi I ordered last night.

The Viking was hungry, wanted the sushi (although he doesn't really like it and I think he only eats it b/c I do) so I chopped off the top of the sushi covered in soy and handed it to him.

"I forgot, I told him, I'm sorry."

Knife to the chest: "Your brother remembered," he said.

My brother is not my pal by the way.

 He ate it and a bowl of stuffed shells following it b/c the sushi just doesn't cut it. Minutes later he called me (he ran out for an errand) to tell me his throat was closing up.

Another knife to the chest.

Hot tea and Benadryl alleviated it for the night.

This afternoon, a bbm message: "I'm still having trouble breathing."

Our solution: The Viking will no longer eat sushi and I will try to be better in not having a memory like a fly.