Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Brother: Jen Please report to the Diary Room

My diabolical plan of sucking The Viking into Big Brother has worked! It's my favorite summer show and something I dedicated my Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights to.

Night time is our time. We like to watch tv together and although I refuse to watch the male version of a soap opera - aka wrestling - he has succumbed to Big Brother. He is learning their names, learning the game play and hoping that my desire to go on the show is fake. It's not. I would love to go on Big Brother, although the more I think about it I'd be a pretty miserable grump without my Twitter and wine.

My plea to attend a casting call always falls short. "Honey, you'd leave me for another guy just to get yourself further in the game." Silence. "But it wouldn't be real!" I'd exclaim. He stares at me.

So my hopes of winning us a half million dollars is pretty much a dream but I LOVE that I've sucked him into this game of back stabbing, lies and drama. "It reminds me of high school," he says. "Yeah honey, just where we met."

So who do you think will win this year and how do I convince the Vik to let me on the show?

He'll do anything to stop me: including biting my face:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Outdoor Living is in our Future

Let me preface this blog by telling you that when the Vik and I began talking about the possibility of living together, he always said he wanted to do something with the backyard. Mind you, it's about as large as a Post It but it's solid. I paved the nasty grass over with bricks (rather paid someone to do it) a few years ago and prior to him, the only person that ventured into it was the BGE guy to check my meter. Needless to say, I never went out there.

Now the Viking is on a mission to make the space livable, usable and fun. Although, I tend to think he's trying to find a way to get a way from me. :) I must say, from the day he drew his vision to paper to what I saw last night when I came home is pretty astonishing. He and a pal have been working to design a bar from basically just wood and cement.

His vision: "John and Jen's Backyard Bar" - and doggie pool and sunbathing area! I gotta say, I'm pretty excited. It will have a fridge and a grill, area for storage, a radio and a TV. I'm in charge of all the decoration and design! My wallet will be empty.

Here's what it looks like right now:

This is not the Viking. 
We're planning to have a party to celebrate it's opening - and pretty much all the renovations we've done to the house since he moved in.

I'll keep you updated on the process, maybe it will help me get to blogging more!

My only hope is that when it's complete we actually use it. So I want to hear from you. Do you have outdoor space that doesn't include a pool? Do you use it? Do you have suggestions?