Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Fast Time Flies

It's been a year now since the Viking moved in and things are certainly in a routine. I'm used to the clothes thrown all over the floor, the messy counters, the toothpaste in the sink. I try to recall what it was like to be there with just me and Indi and I can't remember that - although I lived there alone for several years. Is that weird?

It's crazy how fast time has flown. And we've certainly had our challenges over the past year. He's still searching for a permanent job and working toward his fire goal and as you might know our dog Indiana has cancer. It's been an unbelievably difficult and trying year for the both of us.

But we know that it's also important to love one another, support each other try and still have fun together, despite the stress and anxiety we both feel on a daily basis. Recently, we went to a wedding. A fun wedding with friends and good food and astonishingly enough, a good dj. The wedding also had a photo booth which my friends and I frequented often. The Vik and I even got into the act and here's a sampling of some of our funny moments.

It's photos like these that give me hope that one day, every day will be like this.