Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sundays Are For Football and for Football Only

There was a time when I didn't watch football. I didn't understand it and therefore, didn't like it. But each week, as my friends enjoyed beers and brats and wings at the local bar, I sat home flipping channels or shopping with my Mom.

But a few years before the Viking came around, I made myself watch it and attempt to understand it, so I could join my friends on their Sunday Fundays. And what I found, despite still not being sure of all the rules and plays, was that I enjoyed watching it.

So, when the Viking came around, I was happy to learn that he liked football. Bonus. And the Ravens too, even more of a bonus! (I dated a guy once that didn't watch any sport but baseball).

And boy does he watch football. He knows stats and players (and not just about the Ravens). The bar he built in the backyard is specifically for watching football and now that it's closed up for the season, it's on in the living ALL. DAY. LONG.

I'm happy he's passionate about the sport and his knowledge impresses me. I learn a bit here and there but I have to say, it can be overwhelming at times, particularly when it's not a Ravens game.

Maybe I'm jaded because I know my Sunday's are toast all due to a pigskin. I will say, it's fun to be around him, especially when he's screaming at the TV like Terrell Suggs (see pic).

Ladies, do you like football? Do you watch it with your man? What are your tips for compromise?